How to Get Tree Removal Services at a Lower Cost

A large tree can cost several hundred dollars to remove, but if you need a tree off your property, you don't have much choice. Tree removal services are sometimes willing to work with you to remove offending trees at the lowest price possible if you are willing to work with them in the process. Here are ways you can get your tree removed for cheaper.

Keep the branches and logs

Part of your estimate to remove your tree has to do with removing the branches and smaller logs that are left behind. You can let your arborist or landscaper know that you will take care of the smaller logs and branches yourself so they only have to work on removing the main structure of the tree. This can reduce the amount of time that is spent working on your property, thus reducing the cost of the tree removal process.

If stump removal is included in your estimate, ask how much it would cost to have them remove it another time. This can save you a percentage of the entire bill for now, and you can pay to have the stump removed at a later date.

Trade the wood

If a tree removal service also sells firewood, you can give them the logs and other existing timber you have on your property in exchange for a cheaper bill. Some tree removal services will even cut down smaller trees at no cost if they are able to keep the wood they accumulate in the process. Ask your arborist about this ahead of time, so they can configure an adjusted estimate prior to cutting down your tree.

Add other services

If you are using a tree removal service that offers pruning and landscaping services in addition to tree removal, then you can possibly get a discounted rate to get your trees taken out if you use them for other landscaping needs. Let them know that you may also need them to prune your fruit trees or build a retaining wall for your front yard, and they may give you a discounted rate to continue keeping you as a customer.

If you have a tree you want removed you may be able to discount your bill by doing some of the labor yourself, giving away firewood, or even continuing to use the tree removal service company Emile's Landscaping & Tree Service Firewood for other landscaping needs. Ask your tree removal company if any of these options will work to help lower your bill.