Pruning A Tree? Don’T Make These 3 Mistakes

Planting trees is a great way to improve your home's landscaping, but the trees will require pruning over time as they continue to grow. Pruning methods will vary depending on what kind of tree you have, which is why it helps to use an arborist, like 7 Oaks Tree Care And Urban Forestry Consultants arboriculture, to ensure that the pruning is done correctly. If you do want to tackle the tree pruning yourself, be sure not to make any of these 3 mistakes in the process.

Topping Off The Tree

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is cutting off the top of a tree, since it is removing branches that shouldn't be removed. The mistake is made because it is assumed that a tree is growing too tall, and that removing the top of it will help it stay the height that the homeowner wants it to be.

Tree topping can cause a tree to start growing into a weird shape, or cause the tree to die by weakening any new branches. This is because all new branches that grow in the place that you cut will grow back thinner than they once were. Trees will also grow to a certain height, and then start to slow down in growth. Topping off a tree will just cause the tree to grow back faster until they reach that height.

Pruning During The Wrong Season

Timing is crucial when pruning a tree, and one of the most ideal times to do it is in the spring. It's important to prune after old blossoms have started to fade, but prior to new blossoms coming through. Pruning during the dormant phase helps ensure that the tree stays healthy and strong. You can trim hickory, oak, and shade trees anytime, but stick to pruning during the dormant season if you can.

Pruning Trees That Don't Need Pruning

Avoid making the mistake of thinking that all of your trees need pruning at the same time. Consider each tree's individual needs, and only prune if the tree is looking out of control instead of doing preventative pruning. You can never be sure when a tree is going to slow down its growth, so your concern about long branches may never happen.

There are also trees that don't really require that much pruning, such as evergreens.  When in doubt, just leave the tree alone.

Trees can be a beautiful way to improve the look of your home, which take many years to fully grow. Don't make the mistake of running a tree by getting too eager to prune and making mistakes.