Help Your Young Trees Grow Properly By Doing These 3 Things

New, young trees can be a beautiful addition to any yard. However, if you aren't used to planting trees, you might think all there is to do is to put the trees in the ground and water them. However, you need to do some things to ensure that they take root properly and grow for a long time. Here are three helpful tips to use so you can keep your new trees growing well. Read More 

Pruning A Tree? Don’T Make These 3 Mistakes

Planting trees is a great way to improve your home's landscaping, but the trees will require pruning over time as they continue to grow. Pruning methods will vary depending on what kind of tree you have, which is why it helps to use an arborist, like 7 Oaks Tree Care And Urban Forestry Consultants arboriculture, to ensure that the pruning is done correctly. If you do want to tackle the tree pruning yourself, be sure not to make any of these 3 mistakes in the process. Read More